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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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China Smart Lighting Network

Interview with Wang Ruiguang, general manager of Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

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On September 19-21, 2018, the three-day Shanghai International LED Exhibition was held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. As the world's earliest professional business procurement platform dedicated to the display of a complete LED industrial chain. Shanghai International LED Exhibition is known as the "vane" of the industry. The LED screen companies are all carrying the latest products to show off at the exhibition, presenting visitors with a splendid visual feast. Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Cedar Electronics") as a well-known manufacturer of LED display industry, has introduced COB display screen since 2014. Show us the latest products of Mini COB series. In the industry "Mini LED" is becoming more popular , Cedar Electronics Mini COB is particularly outstanding, drew the attention of many professional visitors in the industry, received consistent praise. In order to understand Mini COB display products in detail, a special interview was conducted by LED Screen World reporter to Cedar Electronics General Manager Wang Ruiguang.

According to introduction of Wang Ruiguang, Cedar Electronics is the first one developed the " integrated 3-in-1 (COB) LED display" products in the industry. Since its launch in 2014, Cedar COB encapsulation technology has been very mature, and the products have been widely accepted by customers. When compared with the SMD type LED display, the COB package is to fix the LED chip directly bond on the PCB board with conductive adhesive and insulating paste, then test the conductivity of the LED chip. After the test is complete, the LED chip is encapsulated with epoxy resin adhesive. In manufacturing technology and technological process, COB encapsulation no need supporting frame and reflow welding process, so it is more reliable. Whether reliability or cost, COB display is better than the SMD display. Today, the LED display of Cedar Electronics has been widely used in surveillance and command, media, video conferencing, transportation, education, medical treatment and other industries. A lot projects of COB LED display have been completed in domestic and international market, such as the National Grand Theater, the Shanghai Bund, etc. CCTV, Beijing-ShiJiazhuang high-speed railway station and other major projects, product also export to the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia and other countries and regions. Cedar Electronics COB display products on behalf of our Country to participate in international innovation exhibition many times.

Although Cedar Electronics' COB display products are widely used in domestic and international market, the market share of COB display is still hard to compete with that of SMD display in the whole LED display industry. However, with the development of fine pixel pitch LED display technology, LED display products using SMD packaging technology are facing the technical and cost problems. As pixel pitch is going smaller, the technical requirements of enterprises are becoming higher and higher, and the cost is increasing at geometric level. In particular, with the miniaturization of the LED package, the protection treatment problem of traditional LED display is becoming more and more obvious.

Right under this circumstance, the COB display begins popular and draw more attention in the industry. In terms of protection, "the COB display has better protection in waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-static than the SMD," Wang Ruiguang said. As for the implementation of fine pixel pitch, this is the advantage of the COB display. In the trend of fine pixel pitch to Mini/Micro LED development, fine pixel pitch seems to ushered in a more difficult situation. In order to solve a series of problems encountered in SMD fine pixel pitch display , "Mini LED" with "four in one" integrated package was developed. However, the "Mini LED" with "four in one" integration encapsulation can solve some of the problems encountered in the fine pixel pitch, it is still inside the category of "SMD", and it does not solve the problem throughly. However, the "Mini COB" with flip chip structure chip is different, It can not only solve the problem when using SMD technology to manufacturer the fine pixel pitch display, but also make the pixel pitch smaller. This Shanghai exhibition, Cedar launched flip chip COB display products, pixel pitch has been as low as 0.9mm. According to Wang Ruiguang, Cedar Electronics has been able to mass production of pixel pitch 0.7mm. Currently, pixel pitch 0.5mm products are also in the R & D Phase.

As the assessment of COB display products, Wang Ruiguang said that COB display products are not only encapsulation technology, but also rely on driving IC, system control and systematization technology as the support. In terms of the reliability which is industry's most concerned issue, COB LED display packaging of Cedar Electronics is one order of magnitude higher than SMD display, and the Mini COB display, which use Cedar’s latest flip chip technology, is an order of magnitude higher than the previous generation COB display.

The Mini COB display product of Cedar Electronics show at this exhibition show that already solve the pain point of the fine pixel pitch LED display. As early as July this year, Cedar Electronics won the 2017-2018 China LED innovation technology and products award in China Optoelectronics Industry Association, China Semiconductor Lighting / LED Industry and applications Alliance, China optical optoelectronics industry association light emitting diode display application branch, optoelectronic industry association of china optoelectronic industry association optoelectronic device branch and China electronic newspaper held the 8th annual "China LED industry (2017-2018)" The "selection" campaign with the leading LED flip chip COB fine pixel pitch display technology, high-quality LED display products.

Cedar Electronics won the honor, which fully explains the strength of innovation and product quality.

It is worth mentioning that it is non accident that Cedar Electronics was able to achieve what it is today, it can not be separated from the years of hard work. Wang also sighed: "in the past, many people in the industry were not optimistic about COB technology, but now everyone recognizes the advantages of COB and is beginning to accept it." From Wang Ruiguang's words, we can realize that Cedar Electronics has not been easy to adhere over the years. It is the constant innovation of technology and the focus on market demand, which have made the Cedar Electronics what it is today through several years of hard work.

For the future, Wang Ruiguang said confidently, our goal is home appliances consumer level market. In the future, LED will compete with OLED. If someone else says that, some of us might think it's too early for LED display to enter the home appliance market, close to fantasy, but from Wang Ruiguang's words, we can't doubt it. After all, the technological route from DIP to SMD, from SMD to COB, to today's Mini LED and Micro LED, Cedar Electronics has make the Mini LED comes true.

At the end of the interview, Wang Ruiguang further revealed a major message, facing the revolutionary next-generation display technology--Micro LED, Cedar Electronics has been officially launched, and entered the phase of development too.

While other companies in the industry are still battling around SMD and COB technology, Cedar Electronics has great foresight, advancing along the way, pointing directly to the consumer market. This pioneering spirit is admirable. Perhaps it is because of enterprises such as Cedar Electronics, that our LED display industry has been able to continue to grow beyond the peak of one technology after another, thus promoting the continuous development of the LED industry. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the LED display into the consumer-level market is just a matter of time.



Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.