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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Add: No.667, Yueda Road, Hi-tech Development Zone, Changchun, China
Tel: +86-431-86155872
Fax: +86-431-86155877

Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Technical Strength

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1. COB Encapsulation
COB(chip-on-board) means chip is soldered on the PCB board directly, concise process minimizes failure factors and contributes to higher stability, larger heat dissipation area reduces chip overheat damage and extends the lifespan of LEDs.
2. High Stability
COB display is sealed by epoxy resin and has no bare pad, which protects the LEDs from water, dust, oil stain, collision and static.
3. High Gray Scale
With high precision control technology and high-end driving IC, COB LEDs can achieve high color depth even under low brightness to make the images smoother and more vivid.
4. Wide Viewing Angle
175°H/175°V wide viewing angle, no color shift and seamless in all directions.
5. Patented Dot by Dot and On-site Calibration
World’s first and most advanced dot by dot and on-site brightness and color calibration technology to contribute the best uniformity of whole screen.
6. Area Light
COB adopts high filling rate optical design to form an area light, more uniform without glare, suitable for 7x24hrs long time close viewing. Unique matte coating increases image contrast and reduces light radiation, no moire.



Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.